Saturday, October 1, 2016

Unknown people in family photo. Help!!

This classic family photo was located, with many others, in the Sparkes family home in Brisbane in 2013.

The photo has no date or identification of people and all people who may be able to help with identification have drawn a blank!

If anyone is able to assist in identifying who this family is, we would love to hear from you!


Friday, January 20, 2012

William Jackson Sparkes - Electoral Listing

In the Moreton Bay Courier, on 22nd April, 1848 there appeared a list of names. These names constituted the Electoral List for the town of Brisbane, District of Moreton, County of Stanley for 1848.

To qualify for the list it appears that you had to have some freehold land or a household.

William Jackson Sparkes is listed as Wm J. Sparkes, qualification - household, where propterty is situated - North Brisbane.

This article appears again in 1849 where he is similarly listed.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Rosanna Sparkes

Rosanna Sparkes was born in Brisbane, on 11th April, 1851.

According to Qld BDM Register her father was noted as William and her mother as Maryann.

Rosanna was the youngest child of William Jackson Sparkes and Mary Ann Sparkes (nee Bowers).

Rosanna was born in the same year, 1851, as her father died.

Rosanna's name is seen in various documents as Hannah Rose, Rose Hannah or Rosanna.

Rosanna died when she was just 16. On her death certificate her name was given as Rose Hannah.

She died on 6th July, 1867 and was buried in the Paddington Cemetery, Brisbane. This cemetery has long since been replaced by the sporting complex known as Lang Park.

Mary C. Sparkes

According to the NSW Birth Register Mary was born in 1843.

Her father is noted as William, her mother as Mary A.

The place of registration is noted as St. Lawrence CofE, Sydney.

Volume Ref. - V1843547 27A.

Mary's name is seen in later documents as Mary Ann Catherine Sparkes.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Alonzo Sparkes Birth and Baptismal Records

Alonzo Sparkes
Alonzo Sparkes was born in Brisbane on 24th August, 1848.
He was baptised in St John's Church of England Church in Brisbane on 4th February, 1849.
On the baptismal record his father is recorded as William Jackson Sparkes and his mother as Mary Ann.
William Jackson Sparkes' occupation is noted as a storekeeper and his address is Brisbane.
The baptism was performed by Benjamin Glennie, a deacon who was temporarily  taking charge of the pastoral duties since the priest, Rev. John Gregor had been accidently drowned on 22nd January, 1848 at Nundah.
At the time of Alonzo's baptism, St Johns Church was a converted carpenter's shop and store.  The parish of St John was established in 1834 and remained this way until 1854 when a new church was consecrated.

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Christ Church, St Laurence, Sydney, New South Wales

Construction of the church began in 1840 on the site of the parish hall which had been there since 1830.
Henry Robertson was the original architect and the church was completed in 1841 by Edmund Blacket.
Christ Church, St Laurence was consecrated in 1845.
It stands at 507 Pitt Street, Sydney but its entrances is via 812 George Street.
In the 1st photo the church is at the far left.  At this stage it has no steeple. 
In the middle of the photo is the Sydney Turnpike.  Gates crossed both George and Pitt Streets and tolls were charged for the maintenance of the roads.  The gate keeper's  lodge was in  the apex of the triangle of the turnpike.
The building on the right was the Benevolent Asylum.  It was erected on Pitt Street in 1820.
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Friday, August 26, 2011

Amelia Sparkes Birth and Baptismal Records

Amelia Louisa Sparkes (recorded as Spearkes) was born in Sydney on 31st March, 1840.
Amelia was baptised on 19th April, 1840 in St. Lawrence Church, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.
Her father is recorded as William Jackson Spearkes (Sparkes) and her mother as Mary Ann.
These records were found on the Australia Births and Baptismal Records of 1792 – 1981.
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