Monday, October 17, 2011

Alonzo Sparkes Birth and Baptismal Records

Alonzo Sparkes
Alonzo Sparkes was born in Brisbane on 24th August, 1848.
He was baptised in St John's Church of England Church in Brisbane on 4th February, 1849.
On the baptismal record his father is recorded as William Jackson Sparkes and his mother as Mary Ann.
William Jackson Sparkes' occupation is noted as a storekeeper and his address is Brisbane.
The baptism was performed by Benjamin Glennie, a deacon who was temporarily  taking charge of the pastoral duties since the priest, Rev. John Gregor had been accidently drowned on 22nd January, 1848 at Nundah.
At the time of Alonzo's baptism, St Johns Church was a converted carpenter's shop and store.  The parish of St John was established in 1834 and remained this way until 1854 when a new church was consecrated.

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